You are looking for individually targeted advice and assistance, and wish to keep your head clear for the important things in your life?

Letís get to know each other. In our initial consultation, we will discuss the services most useful to you - as a private individual, a business or international client, regardless of legal form. On this occasion, we will also be happy to give you an estimate of our fee.

We provide services to the following sectors:

  • airlines
  • art consulting firms
  • crafts
  • engineers and architects, also in an advisory capacity with regard to project-related issues
  • holding companies
  • hotel & catering
  • industrial- and production plants
  • international clients
  • IT services
  • liberal professions: graphic design, film and television, journalism, theatre production, casting, photography
  • medical professions: physicians, psychologists, naturopaths, laboratories
  • not-for-profit organisations
  • trading (including mail-order and nternet retailing)
  • trading companies (import and export), including companies operating internationally