You want to concentrate on your core business and outsource your administrative or accounting tasks, either wholly or in part? You need reliable data to manage your company? You want to set up or sell a company? You want information on how audits are conducted and what must be observed?

We look at businesses as functioning (and sometimes not quite so well-functioning) systems, irrespective of whether they are small, medium-sized or sole traders/freelance professionals. We can offer you a wide range of services, including all aspects of traditional tax consultancy, advice on business restructuring measures, sale of businesses, corporate succession and tax-optimised structures in national as well as international business.

Payroll and financial accounting

We can make your life easier by taking over the full burden of payroll and financial accounting – from work-sharing management right through to loose cooperation. In addition, we are happy to advise on software and carry out staff training for you.

Corporate management/business management

We provide you with tools to help manage your business: controlling reports, budget plans, cost accounting, inter-company and sector-specific comparisons.

Annual accounts and tax returns

Not only do we prepare balance sheets or statements of cash receipts and disbursements; we also explain figures, point out positive and negative trends, discuss with you ideas for corrective measures and future development.

In our explanatory reports we consider the information needs of those reading the annual accounts of your company. We meet the requirements of banks arising from §18 KWG (German Banking Act) by supplementing the reports with plausibility checks or comprehensive audit activities.

And, of course, we also prepare all tax returns your company is required to file.


In the case of audits of the employer’s liability insurance association, pension fund, payroll tax, sales tax or external tax audits, we explain the procedure to you in advance, and assist you with the preparation and execution of such audits.

Business start-up

We are your competent partner, advisor and sounding board in developing your business plan and can assist you in choosing the most suitable legal form and the best financing option.

Transfer/sale of business

We assist you in transferring your business, plan the transition, assess the course of action available and ensure a smooth transition.