Private individuals

You are an employee and would like to know what expenses may be tax-deductible, what documents you will need to provide or what is the best tax category for you and your spouse? You are a pensioner and are wondering what documents you need in order to prepare your tax return? You are thinking of buying a property for your personal use or for letting? You want reassurance on whether you have made adequate preparations for your retirement?

Please contact us to discuss your needs and concerns. There are many fields in which we can assist you as a private individual where required, also in cooperation with our business and legal consulting partners.

Tax returns

Our checklists help you to make sure not to overlook any tax-relevant documents. We prepare your tax returns and check whether the tax assessments received match the tax returns submitted. In the event of any departures, we will lodge a notice of appeal on your behalf or, as a next step, institute legal proceedings before the Fiscal Court.

Real estate and property

When buying or selling a property, we take account of the tax-related parameters and analyse cash and liquidity flows. We aim to evaluate all details in a meaningful and understandable manner, enabling you to make a well-informed decision.

Private asset and financial planning

We provide you with a clear overview of your current asset situation and show you the potential development of your financial future, based on various forecast scenarios.

Gifts/inheritance/foundations and endowments

We assist you in structuring intended asset transfers for tax purposes and prepare inheritance and gift tax declarations that may be required to this end. We can also offer advice and assistance if you are contemplating the formation of a family foundation or an asset management company.